About Us

amy-scottYour Still Life Photography is a photography studio that has two full time professional photographers Amy Turner and Scott Hill.  With our studio, you will always have two photographers covering your wedding!  Amy and Scott have been photographing weddings together since 2012 and together they have developed a seamless rhythm in which they work. Their work compliments each others as they know how the other thinks and moves throughout your wedding day. Amy and Scott’s styles compliment each others blending traditional and photojournalist styles together to give you the best all around photography coverage for your wedding.  Amy and Scott have a passion for wedding photography and feel it is the highest privilege to photograph your wedding. In 2013, Hope Turner joining the studio. Amy’s daughter Hope has discovered a love and passion for videography, especially short form wedding films.  Her talents have brought a whole new division to our studio and allowing us to offer videography at a great rate!


Meet Amy:

Amy has had a love for photography for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a military family, she traveled the world-always with a camera in her hand, documenting the beautiful landscape all around her. It was during her Junior year of high school when she joined the yearbook staff that she realized the impact of her photography and its ability to always preserve a moment in time-an athlete on the court, a student in the classroom and friendships among students. It was at this time that she fell in love with photographing people, emotions and feelings. After high school she married her high school sweetheart David in 1995 and started working for a studio learning all she could about the photography industry.  Working for the studio gave her the ability to learn and study photography while also giving her the freedom to grow her family. While working for the studio, Amy also worked for local wedding photographers on weekends as a black and white film photographer. It was in 2009 that Amy felt she could open her own wedding photography business while also having the right amount of balance for her family. She started Your Still Life Photography with her husband David who she had trained throughout the years as her second shooter. In 2012 the business had grown to the point that a decision had to be made regarding what what be best for her family-hiring a full time nanny to help with the children or bringing on another photographer and letting David be with the children on weekends. Scott moving back to town was the perfect answer for her! Scotts transition into Your Still Life Photography has been a very smooth transition and helps to bring a whole new element to our weddings! David and Amy will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this year and they have 4 beautiful children and two amazing puppies-all who bring so much joy and light into Amy’s world!



Meet Scott:

Scott’s entry into photography began innocently as a hobby, and in 2010 he made the jump into professional photography. Upon graduation from college in May, 2012, Scott relocated from Lynchburg, VA back to his home in Raleigh, NC. While living in Virginia Scott had the opportunity to work on many different levels. From working as a newspaper photographer, to a photography editor, then lastly as a university photographer for Liberty University. While working for Liberty University Scott was mentored by a few different professionals and had the opportunity to shoot everything from concerts, sports, editorial work, presidential candidates, and even leaning out of a helicopter! Since back in Raleigh Scott opened his own photography business in 2014 decided that he was going to join forces with Amy of Your Still Life Photography full time. Scott currently lives in Wendell, NC with his wife Michelle and their two dogs Buddy and Eli.